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  • Show you the scenery behind the RMB!

    Renminbi is familiar to everyone, The scenery or architecture on different face values are different, but no matter what pattern it is, it comes from the real architecture or landscape in China.[Detailed]

  • Chinese Kung Fu: Seeking the Six Real Chinese Factions

    China has always had the tradition of martial arts study and inheritance, still inheritors. There are six well-known factions of martial arts : Shaolin, Wudang, Emei, Qingcheng, Kunlun and Kongtong……[Detailed]

  • The Great Wall Tour Circuit without regret in one's life

    The Great Wall is an ancient defense project that has been built for the longest time and the largest amount in the world. Since the Western Zhou Dynasty, has been continuously constructed 2000 years.[Detailed]

  • "Three Mountains and Five Mountains" of China's Famous Mountains are Different

    Three mountains and five mountains are all over the land of China, Three mountains are the place of ancient Chinese legends, and five mountains are the place of prosperity of Chinese history and culture.[Detailed]

  • Thousands of horses gallop around the Shandan Military Horse Farm

    The Shandan Horse Ranch is located in Qilaian Mountain’s Damayin pastureland. It is 55 km away from the Shandan County in Zhangye prefecture.Shandan Horse Ranch is not just popular for its[Detailed]

  • Museum's paired utensils bring warmth to winter

    In celebration of winter, the Palace Museum in Beijing has shared a range of photos featuring paired utensils with netizens . The utensils in paired form usually symbolize fineness and bring a[Detailed]

  • Road trips reveal Xinjiang splendor

    The diverse cultures and breathtaking views found in the vast Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, which covers a sixth of China's territory, make it perfect for road trips.The region's roads[Detailed]

  • Shanghai promotes tourism via unique food culture in NYC

    Guests cut the ribbon during the opening ceremony of the Shanghai Food Festival and Tourism Promotion at Macy's flagship store in New York.Shanghai promotes tourism via unique food.[Detailed]

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