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Tourist service providers settle in, including but not limited to the following categories:

(1) Scenic spots and scenic spots;

(2) Hotels, holiday apartments, inns, youth hostels, and residential houses; ? ?

?(3) Traveling goods and outdoor equipment; ? ????

(4) Tourism souvenirs, old brands, intangible cultural heritage, craftsmen, folk activities; ????

(5) airlines, ticket agents, flight clubs, business machine channels; ? ????

(6) Travel insurance direct sales and travel insurance agents; ? ????

(7) Restaurant food, specialty snacks, local flavor, custom kitchen; ? ???

?(8) Travel agencies, career guides, local guides, travel planners, outdoor clubs, and instant photographers; ? ????

(9) National Tourism Administration, visa agents, immigration travel agencies, translation agencies and individuals, cruise routes, overseas escorts; ? ????

(10) Car rental, online car rental, P2P car rental, tourist charter, taxi; ? ???

?(11) Tourism Exhibition. Summit, Farmhouse, Picking, Resort Center, SPA, KTV, Bar, Tourism Performing Arts, Drifting, Skiing, Golf...