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Show you the scenery behind the RMB!

RMB is very familiar to everyone.

But how much do you know about the scenery on the RMB?

Then, let's talk about the scenery on the Renminbi today.


First, the first set of RMB, which is the third edition, 100 yuan.

Above is the Summer Palace Longevity Hill.

To say, this the Summer Palace is a masterpiece of garden architecture.

?It is also one of the most famous imperial gardens in the world.

?All the pavilions on longevity hill are built on hills.

Standing on the Buddha's Pavilion

You can overlook the Kunming lake.


It's really beautiful.

This is the first set of RMB, but the fifth edition is 100 yuan.

?Its left side is Beijing Beihai park.

?You can clearly see Yong'an bridge.

On the right is the corner tower of the Imperial Palace.

This is the second set of RMB 2 yuan.

It is on the top of Yanan Pagoda Hill.

The long pagoda on the top of the pagoda was built in the Tang Dynasty.

?Mount pagoda is the symbol of the revolutionary holy land of Yanan.

only when we climb the Pagoda Hill can we really reach Yanan.

Second yuan RMB 3 yuan.

?It is also a sacred place for the revolution. The stone bridge of the lower dragon Yuan mouth in Jinggangshan.

?In the history of the Red Army, the first victory in the history of the Red Army took place here.

?This is patriotic education base.

This is the third set of RMB 2 angle front.

The top is Yangtze River bridge, Wuhan.

The first bridge on the Changjiang River is Wanli.

This is the fourth set of RMB 1 yuan back.

?It's the Badaling Great Wall.


The Great Wall is the earliest open area.

?More than 370 foreign heads of state have left footprints here.

?For example, President Nixon of the United States:

Singapore Prime Minister Li Guangyao:

Mrs. Thatcher, British Prime Minister:

The Great Wall is a cultural symbol of Chinese nation.

Fourth sets of RMB 2 yuan back

This is Hainan's "The End of the Earth" scenic spot on the South Pole.

The pattern on the coin has been dealt with in art. Actually, the boulders are on the beach instead of in the waves.

Of course, in recent years, climate warming and sea level rise may one day become true.

This is the fourth set of RMB 5 yuan.

?Its back is the Wu Gorge in the Three Gorges.

Wu Wu Gorge is deep and beautiful.

There are also twelve peaks.

Among them, the Goddess Peak is the most beautiful.

Wu Wu Gorge is the most coherent and tidy Valley in the Three Gorges.

?Look at the fourth set of RMB 10 yuan.

?10 yuan, on the back is the world's highest peak Mount Qomolangma.


Mount Everest is located at the junction of our country and Nepal.

It is like a Pyramid standing majestically in the peaks.

Fourth yuan RMB 50 yuan.

The back is Hukou Waterfall, the Yellow River.

?It is the second largest waterfall in China.

?The flow of water in the Yellow River is like pouring out from a huge hukou.

?But because of the erosion of the river, Hukou Waterfall moves to the upstream for a short distance every year.

The scene of 50 yuan coins will disappear forever after hundreds of years.

?about RMB 100 yuan.

The back of it is well Feng Shan.

The Communist Party of China founded the first rural revolutionary base in Jinggangshan.

"The first mountain in the world"

Next, there are fifth sets of RMB, that is, one yuan now used.


On the back of it is three pools reflecting the moon. This picture is false.

only two stone pagodas can be photographed at the angle of the photographer.

Three Ponds Mirroring the Moon is one of the ten scenes of West Lake in Hangzhou.

You can say that it is very beautiful.

?Fifth yuan RMB 5 yuan, the back is Taishan.

But this pattern has been processed by art.

The "Five Mountains" should be "one's own" and two main peaks in one picture at the same time.

10 yuan is on the back of Zhai Tong Xia Kui.


Kui men is the west gate of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River.


Under the lofty and magnificent white Emperor city

Kui gate is the shortest and most dangerous Zhai Tong gorge in the Three Gorges.

?Here are fifth sets of RMB 20 yuan back.


Guilin Scenery is the best place in the world.

RMB as the country's business card, of course, this is "the first in the world".

The limpid river is clear and beautiful.

There are also unparalleled Karst landforms.

"Shan Qing, Shui Xiu, Dong Qi, Shi Mei"


The back of 50 yuan is Potala Palace.

It is said that this picture was taken on the roof of a waterworks.

?Potala Palace is built for Princess Wencheng.

?Lhasa red mountain with an elevation of more than 3700 meters

There are 999 houses in this palace.

The back of the 100 yuan is the Great Hall of the people.

The Great Hall of the people is located on the west side of Tiananmen square.

?And this is not the first time that the Great Hall of the people has appeared on the renminbi.

Third yuan of 10 yuan, the pattern is the people's representative out of the hall.

This is the first set of RMB 200 yuan.

?It faces the Summer Palace.

?There is still 500 yuan denomination.


This is the gate of Zhengyang, Beijing.

There is another 500 yuan.

?And there's still 1000 yuan.

?Above is Qian Tang Jiangqiao.


There is another 1000 yuan.

?The back is Tiantan, Beijing.

?Well, that's nothing. There's still 5000 yuan denomination, which is the Weihe bridge in Shaanxi.

The worst part is 50000 yuan.

This is the new gate of Beijing.

? ? ? Well, the story is over. How many of these landscapes have you visited in the renminbi?